Is, “tools” an Apple Authorized I.R.P. Service Provider?

“tools” is a Registered Trademark of qualixam Technologies. Mumbai, INDIA. Qualixam Technologies is India’s First Apple Independent Repair Provider (Apple IRP). We also aggregate Apple Authorized Services from Servify, GSS Quick Garage, B2X, Nyasa, Unicorn, ResQ and Maple, which are Apple Authorized Service Provider for Apple in INDIA.

What is a Apple Independent Repair Provider?

The Apple Independent Repair Provider is a Service Provider interested in offering out-of-warranty repair service for mac, iPhone, iPad, iWatch & Airpods with an access to Apple genuine parts, tools, training, service guides, diagnostics and resources.

Does “tools” offer’s Service and Repair Options for All Apple Products?

Yes, all Service Centers and Promoters Associated with “tools” offer Service and Repair Options for all Apple products.

  • We handle all Apple Devices that encounter issues and are Under Apples coverage through its Limited Warranty
  • We also handle all Apple Devices that encounter issues or needs Special Care but fortunately are not Under Apples coverage through its Limited Warranty
  • At “tools” we offer Service and Repair Options for, mac | iPhone | iPad | iWatch | Airpod | Apple Accessories.

Does, “tools” handle all Apple Products that are covered under Apple’s Limited Warranty at No Charges / Free of Cost?

Yes at “tools” we do it for FREE at No Extra Cost to our Customers.

  • We offer Similar Service options as offered by any other Apple Authorized Service Provider but with better Customer Centric Approach.
  • We offer Service and Repair options for mac | iPhone | iPad | iWatch | Airpod.

How do you manage to Offer Services or Repair options for Devices that are Not covered under Apples Limited Warranty or are damaged physically or by moisture?

* Over a decade now, we have been able to service numerous customers across the country and overseas. We have been able to Develop our own world-class Service Center facility with our years of experience put together and with Apple’s Support and Offerings. Apple provides “tools” with its World Class Diagnostics software i.e., Apple GSX2. Apple also provides access to genuine Apple parts, tools, training, service guides, diagnostics and resources to perform a variety of Out-of-Warranty repairs.

Do you use Genuine Apple Spares Only for Repairs of Apple Devices?

At “tools” we understand the need of an Apple Device, We understand what it takes to become a part of Apple family, And reason why even we don’t dare to implant any counterfeit spares or modules onto your Premium Apple Device. We source our spares directly from Apple India as a Apple IRP Service Provider.

Customer Approach & Coverage

How does the Service or Repair Process Starts, Once the Customer contacts “tools”?

At “tools” we attend number of New Customers and Existing clients as well everyday, we have a very simple and transparent approach to wards the customers, It is mostly because we want our customers to feel more comfortable and elaborate freely on their issue that they find with their Apple Device.

  • As the Customer Visits our center, we have well trained team to greet our customers who are very well familiar with Apple Devices.
  • The team member patiently understands, Customers query and try to evaluate the same.
  • After evaluation of the issue, the team member will brief the customer about the Diagnostics Process and the time frame.
  • As the Customers approves to submit the device, the team member then prepares the Service Report and documents all the necessary information to ease the service process.
  • Diagnostics of the device normally takes 2-3 working days time depending on the issue and condition of the device. As soon as the diagnostics report is ready the team member will share all the details along with pricing and time frame for Service or Repairs with customer via WhatApp / SMS / Email / Call.
  • Once we get the Approval for the Service or Repairs, our team member confirms it and updates the engineer to proceed with the job and get it accomplished.
  • Once the Device is Ready, the team member send notification to customer via WhatApp / SMS / Email / Call and updates him/her for collection.
  • At “tools” we have tried to keep the process to its minimalistic to achieve zero loss of important resources of our Customers and Company.

What Payment Modes do you accept?

Only on being a customer at “tools”, now you get over eight convenient options of your choice to make Payments. Yes, we have seriously made this possible for you. We accept Payments from our clients via Cash / Bank Transfers / Pay Cheque / Digital Wallets / Almost All Debit & Credit Cards / EMI’s / QR Code / Foreign National Currencies i.e., Dollars, Pounds, Euros & Dirhams.

Do you offer Device Pickup and Drop-off Service for Clients?

Yes, we really feel delighted when we are able to offer even more to our customers, we do offer Device Pickup and Drop-off Service for Clients, whom we have already served before. We never do it for new customers, because at “tools” we believe, the best thing you can give to your customer is, to Understand them well, and relief them of suspicion and make them believe our standards.

How are your customers secured in terms of Warranty for Replacements or Alteration?

At “tools” we offer No Question Asked Limited Warranty Coverage up to three months, on Spares / Modules / Peripherals Replaced or Altered. This gains confidence of our customer and vitally helps them to decide and make a right decision for their Premium Apple Device.

Our Efforts

How fast and time saving Service you offer to your customers?

There is something that made you chose an Apple Device, either for your Work, or to Create, Entertain, or Play or even for a Personal use. One thing we find in common is time, yes, the amount of time you spend with your Apple Device is unbelievable and we know how much you love it. And so, we thrive through our bars and skip our high tea and even run a marathon, just to save one common thing that we found, Our Customers Time.

What will a customer do all the time until his/her device is with you for Service?

Our customers continue to do almost all the things, in the same possible way, in which they used to do. And we make them do it possible only at “tools”, where we offer our clients standby devices of possible grade and range depending upon its abilities on prior booking. So, each time a customer gets his/her device in warded for service. he/she can get a similar device as a standby so no work is ever sacrificed, no one misses out on any moments of life, yes at “tools” we make it happen.

How is your business adding values to society?

At “tools”, there is a tremendous force and continuous efforts, as to benefit the industry in a right way and set benchmarks for all those whom we inspire. We never wish to Promote counterfeit spares for any of the Apple Devices.

  • We intend to educate our customers by sharing needful insights of the industry and various case studies, which helps them to evaluate frauds and notorious players within the market.
  • We intend to add value to your device every time your device is in warded for Service at our center, by numerous ways like offering multiple Service / Alteration options, in Depth Technical Analytics, Over all Market trends etc.
  • We intend to Procure 100% Genuine Spares and Modules from Apple via Apple Genuine Re-sellers or Apple Authorized Service Provides.

Privacy & Security

How secure is it in terms of Data, to handover Personal Devices for Service?

At “tools” we urge all our customers to preferably wipe off their devices and then hand it over for service, but we also understand there are certain limitation to that. Alternately we suggest to signoff all social media accounts and temporarily shift all the critical data on to secure device or drive or cloud platform to add and additional security to the process.

  • We at “tools” ensure to map each and every movement of the device i.e., from the team member who inwards the device – the logistic person handling it – the engineer working on it – the QC team and again back to the inward center.
  • We keep our clients’ details encoded throughout the process, to ensure privacy of client’s communication details; allotting a unique code for every in-warded device does this.
  • We also keep the login codes secure in to our record books which are only accessible by our most reliable and trustworthy team members.
  • We understand the concerns regarding these issues and we trustfully handle it with extra sensitive care. And we have been maintaining it over a decade now.

What if some thing goes wrong with the Device other than the issue stated? Or What if the device is either damaged or lost?

Fifty Lakh’s, yes you read that correct. Fifty Lakh’s is the value of the Customers Device up to which we are Insured.

  • i.e., No Matter what, if we ruin your Apple Product, No one other than us on this planet will get it back to its place. And that’s only for our customers at “tools”.

“tools” Corporate Information

Where can I get information on the company?

The mytools.in sitemap contains links to variety of information about “tools”

When was the company Incorporated?

Qualixam Technologies was Incorporated in Mumbai, INDIA on 01 January 2010. And decided to brand it as “tools” ®

Do you provider tour to your service facility?

No, but “tools” Service Inward and Outward Centers are open for Customers to avail all needful and available service for All Apple Devices.

Who brought “tools” into its existence as an ecosystem?

With all his Vision and Ambition to deliver technology with quality to the industry Mr. Pinkesh Gangar (Diploma in EXTC & B-Tech I.T. NMIMS.) incorporated qualixam Technologies and is familiarly know as “tool”.

Where can I find information about “tools” environmental policies and Supplier Responsibility program?

The mytools.in sitemap contains links to variety of information about “tools” environmental policies and Supplier Responsibility program.